Queen Eliza I

by The Spruce Campbells

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Ever been in one of those relationships that constantly floated between love and hate? One that made you question whether you felt love or malice towards that person on any given day? A love so powerful, so toxic, so beautiful, so flawed, that it slowly drove you both insane. Was it destiny? Was it ever real? Is it really over? If you know what we are talking about, this song is for you.

Presenting our first single in over 4 years, Queen Eliza I.


Oh Queen Eliza
We hardly knew ya
But you came
As a friend
As a champion of meh-eh-eh-en
Yeah you came
Again… and again

Yeah you know (yeah you know)
Oh honey you look so fine (you look so fine)
And you're drinking (yeah you're drinking)
Oh honey you drink my wine
You drink and whine whine whine (whine whine whine)

But I know have been here so many times before
But please, be what I adore

Yeah I'm thinking (yeah i'm thinking)
Oh honey all about you (all about you)
Cause you got me (yeah you got me)
You got me stuck like glue (stuck like glue)
And i wanna
Yeah i wanna (yeah I wanna)
Get to know
All about you (all about you)
But you must think I'm board honey
Cause you break me in two two two (two two two)

But I know I have been here so many times before
But please just stay
Only one night more
And we will be
Always dreaming for two-a-oo
So please
Do what you do...

But if I just get the chance to
Maybe I'll romance you one more time
Cause if you can't think of any other
Baby there's no other when I'm with you

Aw hell
Every time I think I'm out, she drags me back in

(Give it up)
(Give it up to me)

(Give it up)
No no
Just let me be
(Give it up to me)

(Give it up)
(Give it up to me)

(Give it up)
No No
Just let me be
(Give it up me)

(Give it up)
(Give it up me)
Maybe it's just des-ti-ny
(Give it up to me me me)

I know have been here so many times before
But please, be what I adore


released February 8, 2016
Written by: Jason Matthew Kusowski & The Spruce Campbells
Lyrics by: Jason Matthew Kusowski
Recorded by: The Spruce Campbells at The Sonic Lounge November 2015
Engineered by: Jay Alton
Mixed by: Jay Alton
Produced by Jason Matthew Kusowski & Jay Alton
Mastered by: Brian Lucey @ Magic Garden Mastering

Jason Matthew Kusowski- Guitar/vocals
Matt Forney- Guitar
Rory Harms- Bass
Chris Cheeseman- Drums
Chelsea Moore- Vocals
Gabriela Trigo- Vocals
Alanna Gibson- Vocals

Artwork by Cyrus Fire



all rights reserved


The Spruce Campbells Columbus, Ohio

The Spruce Campbells are a 6 piece Psychedelic Indie Pop band from Columbus, Ohio.

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